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The Bahamas Yacht Charter

The Bahamas and Caribbean locations are the epitome for the perfect tropical vacation. Enjoy the sun wherever which way you go, white-sand beaches, awe-inspiring coral reefs, and

Sample Itinerary

35 miles

Nassau/Paradise Island > Allen's Cay

Located at the top of the beautiful Exuma Islands, this location is not just famous for its beauty, but for its iguanas! These iguanas are accustomed to visitors and are located everywhere on the island.

20 miles

Allen's Cay > Shroud Cay

As part of Exuma Park, Shroud Cay is an archipelago of cays. Explore this uninhabited cay and its beautiful wildlife such as sea turtles, birds, tropical fish, and much more.

30 miles

Shroud Cay > Staniel Cay

Famous for its debut in James Bond movies "Never Say Never Again," "Splash," and "Thunderball", Staniel Cay is an adventurous and beautiful island with many activities available. It is ideal for relaxing and exploring.

15 miles

Staniel Cay > Warderick Wells (Exumas)

Warderick Wells is an ideal location for relaxation, recreational activities, and socializing. It is the headquarters for Exuma Park and is located in the center of the Park and has a wide variety of landscapes.

15 miles

Warderick Wells (Exumas) > Norman's Cay

Located in northern Exumas, Norman's Cay is a very intimate location to enjoy and a relaxing vacation. On this island, you can enjoy your stay at MacDuff's - a popular resort for those who visit.

40 miles

Norman's Cay > Rose Island

A small island lying 3 miles east of Paradise Island, it is used as a base for trained Dolphin encounters. Enjoy the beauty and nature of this almost untouched island.

10 miles

Rose Island > Nassau Island

As the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau is a mixture of British, African, and Spanish traditions. Enjoy the bussling markets, seafood, and vast amount of activities at your availability.